The Worn Debris Collective

With the exciting news of being selected to exhibit in the prestigious Galerie Marzee 2018 International Graduate Show in Nijmegen, Netherlands, this project looks to crowdfunding to make it happen!  

The Worn Debris Collective (WDC) builds on my Masters research (Fine Art, RMIT). Investigating anthropogenic (human made) debris and discarded materials, reimagining them into contemporary jewellery objects.

Discarded and collected Australian waste will be taken to Amsterdam to exchange with local participants, in exchange for their collected, discarded materials; investigating place, diversity and travel of anthropogenic debris through the ‘worn’ objects. The importance of this projects lies within the exchange process, sharing materials, techniques and knowledge. Forming new connections between people and enabling them to share their work with a broader audience through the WDC project. Further information and to support this this project ....